Classic Bb Clarinet Swabs


Bb Clarinet: A breakthrough in clarinet swabs! Finally a material that really sucks up the moisture!

Also, for the first time a swab that truly addresses the issue of moisture that collects in the joint sockets.

In the past players have had to use a corner of the swab to clean out the sockets. This gets cork grease and dirt on the swab material and then can deposit the dirt onto the bore of the instrument. Not a good thing!

The new LOMAX CLASSIC SWAB has a tail attached that has a very absorbent tool built into the end of it. The performer pulls the swab through the bore of the clarinet as usual and then uses the tool in the tail of the swab to quickly remove any moisture that has collected in the tenon sockets! The tail of the swab may also be used to pull the swab out of the upper joint if it should ever get stuck.

Truly a WORLD CLASS product from LOMAX CLASSIC!

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