Legacy 1929 Mouthpiece


New Clarinet Mouthpiece from Lomax Classic

What makes this mouthpiece so unique is the INTERIOR DESIGN that dates back to a mouthpiece that was made circa 1929. This design was for all intents and purposes lost to the mouthpiece makers of the past seventy plus years. It is only through the dedication of several people that it exists today. This interior design creates a very special tonal shape and color to the sound, which is focused, very warm, and rich in its mix of partials. This modern use of this design combined with a bore that is a perfect match to most modern small bore clarinets, results in superb intonation in all registers. A Legacy is reborn in the Legacy 1929 Clarinet Mouthpiece from Lomax Classic.

NO TRIALS. The mouthpiece can be returned within 2 WEEKS, for a full refund, as long as there are no scratches or damage to it.

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