Classic Mouthpiece Measuring Kit


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The most important quality that a measuring tool must possess is ACCURACY. When we designed our new tip measuring tool we considered using a digital gauge. In the end we decided to stick with the mechanical or analog gauge for several reasons. First, accuracy. With the digital gauge the readout must decide which reading to display based upon the measurement that is the closest to the smallest number that the gauge can read. With the dial gauge the person using the gauge can make a decision as to the closest reading, based upon where the needle is pointing. In other words the operator can use their own skill to mentally divide down the reading into a unit of measure that is smaller than the digital readout. Secondly, with the analog reading the user can glance quickly at where the needle is pointing to know that the tip opening of this particular mouthpiece is in a certain range it needs to be in. This greatly speeds up the measuring process for the maker, dealer, or teacher who needs to quickly check several mouthpieces of a particular brand or model to determine just how consistent they are with each other. Finally, you have the issue of the digital gauge requiring battery power, hence battery replacememt. Most digital gauges require a very tiny and sometimes hard to find battery. This is not usually a problem in the U.S.A. But can pose a real problem for our customers in other parts of the world. Even where finding a replacement battery is not an issue, inevitably the battery will fail at a time or place where it is not possible to find a replacement for several days. For the above reasons we decided that the best way to go was to stick with the analog dial gauge. Our dial gauge has a six jewel movement and is very accurate. Our Mouthpiece Measuring Kit comes with an Instruction Booklet,glass and steel facing gauges, case, and a two year limited warranty.

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