Tee Shirts With A Message

Over the years I have felt strongly that there is no place for political views on a commercial website. Having said this, there are situations and movements taking place around the world that are in conflict with our basic human rights. Among them, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. This is what has prompted us here at LOMAX CLASSIC to offer TEE SHIRTS WITH A MESSAGE. Our goal is to try to introduce future selections that will make a positive statement relating to all of the rights we hold dear as not only musicians, but as members of the Human Race.

Our customers and friends have asked us to put our Lomax Classic Tee Shirts on our website, also.

Musically Yours,
Michael A. Lomax

Tee Shirts with a Message

Lomax Message Tee – God Created One Race

Lomax Tee – Mouthpieces, Artists, Friends