Product Instructions

Product Instructions

ThermalPro A.C. Adaptor Instructions

1. Connect the cord with the WALL PLUG on one end of it into the large black transformer box (see photo 1).

Adaptor Instructions Illustration1

2. Plug the jack from the transformer into the jack going into the temperature control box. (see photo 2).

Adaptor Instructions Illustration2

3. Plug the cord coming from the other side of the temperature control box into the plug from your THERMALPRO unit.

4. You’re A.C. adaptor is now ready to use.

5. To turn the unit on Press the ROUND BUTTON on the temperature control box ONCE. The “Arrow” should light up GREEN. This is the lowest power setting and should be used in most situations once the warmer has reached operation temperature. It will take approx. 30 minutes for the warmer to reach the ideal temperature on this LOWEST setting.

6. For quicker warm up on in colder situations, you can push the TEMP BUTTON again and the arrow will turn ORANGE, which is the middle setting. Pushing the button once more will change the setting to RED, which is the highest setting.

Room at 72 Degrees F/ C22
Control Setting: GREEN – Wood temp. 80-83 degrees F/ C26-28
ORANGE – Wood temp. 85-87 degrees F/ C29-30
RED – Wood temp. 87-89 degrees F/ C30-31

The heating unit in your ThermalPro Warmer is designed so that the temperature inside the case will not rise above 88 degrees on the highest, RED setting. The normal temperature of the wood when the ambient temperature of your playing environment is between 72-75F/22-23C degrees, is 78 – 83F/25-28C degrees when the instrument has been played for 10-15 min. A higher wood temperature will not harm the wood in any way, it will just cause a pitch increase. Experimenting with different settings will enable the user to find the best setting for the pitch level needed for the playing situation. NOTE: If your instrument is kept in a HumidiPro case, the time spent in your THERMALPRO warmer will have no effect upon the humidity level of your wood. If you do not have a HumidiPro case and live in a low humidity level environment, you can MIST the lining of your warmer with water, or DAMPEN with a sponge before use to add humidity to the wood.